Update 28th March 2018

26th May - Blue Honey Cafe, Cardiff Psych and Noise Fest 2018

31st May - Gwdihw, Cardiff supporting Ed Dowie 

Update 28th February 2018

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Updated 22nd January 2018

Debut solo album 

I've just released (well, in November) my first ever solo album - International Dreams. It was a long term 'goal' of mine so I was really pleased I got it done and put it out. I pressed 100 copies of it on vinyl and there are still some copies left here. Naturally, it was released via the label I run, Shape Records. It had some nice things said about it - most of which are compiled on the Shape site. I made some videos on my phone for a couple of the songs (see below). I am looking forward to working with Mark James to make a new video at some point in 2018 after receiving some support from ACW / BBC Launchpad.


In the summer I got a new job and I now work 2 days a week as a Music Business and Creative Industries lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire. It is a 1.5 hour drive each way so I listen to a lot of podcasts as well as doing the Say Something In Welsh course. If you see me and you can speak Welsh - chat at me, I'm v keen to siarad Cymraeg gyda ti. 

I'm also going to be a visiting lecturer every week at University of South Wales starting next week until May teaching on the Songwriting and Music Business courses. Looking forward to it!

 Doing a lecture on how to navigate out of the noise at USW in Nov 2017. 

Doing a lecture on how to navigate out of the noise at USW in Nov 2017. 


We've just had a second child (a glorious little girl called Nia Devi Daman Thomas) so I have been  enjoying being busy at home with the children and Emma. 

I was inspired to make this 'now' page via Derek Sivers