Three Cheers For Bandcamp / by Mark Daman Thomas

Woah, if I was wearing a hat, it would be doffed. Bandcamp is showing everyone how it is done in more ways than one. In opposition to Trump's deplorable Immigration Order, tomorrow Bandcamp are donating 100% of their share of proceeds (on digital & physical sales) to the American Civil Liberties Union. The Founder & CEO of Bandcamp, Ethan Diamond, doesn't mince his words on the Bandcamp blog where encourages us to "Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immigrants/Basic Human Values". 

I love this move. By doing this, Bandcamp are sticking their neck out in a very brave and commendable way. I imagine they will lose some business as a result of it - I had a look at the comments on Facebook & Twitter and Trump supporters who host their music on Bandcamp have already started a '#boycottbandcamp' campaign encouraging artists to take everything off sale for the day by making their profile private - sigh. There is also a whole lot of 'please stick to the music and don't get involved with politics' nonsense in the comments. However, I think it is likely that Bandcamp will actually end up with more customers owing to their goodwill as there is A LOT more positivity than there is negativity in the comments. 

Three Cheers For Bandcamp! 

I'm proud that everything I have ever released is on a site that takes a stance like this and I'm looking forward to going shopping tomorrow. 

Blog update: 09:33 Friday 3rd Feb. We are also going to donate all Islet music and merch sold today to ACLU.