Farm Hand Live On BBC Radio 3

I did a live recorded Farm Hand gig for BBC Radio 3 in Chapter on 6th Jan 2017 and it is now online.

It was a slightly strange scenario as I wanted to balance trying to sound good on the radio with trying to put on an interesting performance for the audience watching the gig. I like and need (as in, my soul requires it) to move around when I play so that has a bit of an effect on how the recording sounds. I was interviewed live on stage by Verity Sharp right before starting which was a new experience at a gig for me. The 'everyday is a school day' comment I make on the recording is me reflecting upon the interview as it felt like it didn't go well at the time but it sounds ok listening back. As soon as you do something like this you think of a million ways you could have done it better. I should have gone out to the BBC van to hear how the mix sounded and made sure my sampler was up full blast. I always remain open to trying to get better at things! Anyway, I'm pleased overall and was overjoyed to be asked to do it and I loved performing. Thanks for having me, R3 & Chapter. 

Listen to it here.