Why I've Made A Website

When I get asked 'What do you do?' I always give a confused answer and it changes depending on who I am talking to and what I have been doing that week. Recently I was told I had a 'portfolio career', I wasn't really sure what that was so I googled it and discovered that I probably do have some kind of portfolio career. Hopefully this website will go someway to helping me answer the 'what do you do?" question more clearly. I hope it will also help generate me some more work! I literally can't afford to play it cool anymore, so here we are. 

I just realised that it's likely the actual main reason I have made it is because I am a 'podcast junkie' so I can't avoid Squarespace (they seem to sponsor 99% of podcasts) so I've subconscioulsy given in (great functionality though to be fair). Side note: starting a podcast to converse with musicians about their creative and business processes is something I am aiming to do this year or next. 

Also. FAQ

My name used to be Mark Thomas. And then it was Mark Attack, then Mark Islet and/or Mark Shape and then I changed it when I got married to Mark Daman Thomas. My wife's name used to be Emma Daman and she changed her name to be Emma Daman Thomas. See what we did there? I went from being one of many, many Mark Thomas's to being the only Mark Daman Thomas in the world.